Good morning friends,

These past few years, I have come across a huge trend (as I am sure you have too) – STAMPED CUTLERY. As a food lover, dietitian, food photographer and food blogger, I have always been so amazed at the incredible stamped cutlery out there! Whether I came across it on Pinterest, Etsy or at a craft sale – I was kind of obsessed! I knew I needed to jump on the bandwagon and learn how to stamp cutlery because 1)not only would it take my food photography to the next level but B) it also makes the most amazing trinket/gift to give – a beautiful, customized piece of hand stamped cutlery!

Now, the difficulty with hand stamped cutlery is that most sets of stamps need to be used on softer metals, like plated silver, or aluminum. Cutlery in these metals are harder to come across – most of them are vintage, AKA you can’t just go to Homesense and buy cutlery as it is stainless steel and will ruin your stamps! Enter: ImpressArt Premium Stamps.

ImpressArt Premium Stamps can be used on STAINLESS STEEL. You heard that right – you are not limited to only the softest metals! Now, that doesn’t mean you should go out to the dollar store and buy utensils by the dozen – as I learned the hard way, dollar store stainless steel is not the best quality stainless steel … AKA use these as your practice because you will need a few practice runs.

Instead, head to your favorite home goods store (mine is HomeSense) and pick up some cute cutlery! I opted for some fun turquoise cutlery and some dandy cheese knives! These will make the perfect stamped gifts to give!

Now, how do you stamp the actual cutlery – you ask? Let me give you the run down.

First of all you will need a few things:

  1. ImpressArt Premium Stamps – I am using lowercase newsprint.
  2. ImpressArt Hammer
  3. ImpressArt Stamping Block
  4. Decent workspace on a harder surface
  5. Newspapers
  6. Tape
  7. Black fine tip Sharpie

To start, make sure to have a decent amount of workspace on a harder surface that won’t damage with you stamping on it. You want to have enough room to comfortably move around without having to strain to hold stamps in certain places. Next layout your ImpressArt Stamping Block. Grab the piece of cutlery you want to stamp and try to get it so that the part of the cutlery you are stamping is actually in direct alignment with the ImpressArt Block. If it is in direct alignment, this will lead to the best outcome. Now, for different cutlery, this will range from easy to hard. Knives are very simple as they lay flat against metal, forks are a medium difficulty as they lay flat across, but have a slight vertical curve and then spoons are the hardest because you will have to adjust for every letter to ensure it is in alignment with the block!

I use the newspapers to hold up the handle of the cutlery so that it is even and steady, and so that when I make contact with the cutlery, it won’t fling about. The good think about newspapers is that you can stack them up and down depending on the piece you are working with. 

Now, this is totally up to you, but some people do like to use an electrical tape to tape a straight line so that they know their words will be in alignment. However, I find that the tape makes it harder to get a perfect letter, and I am not hung up on perfect alignment because I am all about uniqueness and the rustic look that a few wobbly letters give! I do however use the tape to ensure my piece of cutlery will not move when I am hammering it. I find this to be the most important step!

Now, let’s get to the actual stamping! First things first, you want to have a plan for what you want the cutlery to say, and where you want each word to go. It doesn’t have to be perfect, but it is best to have a plan.  Then you want to lay out the letters in the order you will use them, to minimize the possibility for spelling mistakes (which yes, DO HAPPEN!). 

Now, Grab your first letter, holding it, and the cutlery in one hand. This is to make sure everything is steady, even though the cutlery is already taped down. You want to make sure the letter is completely flush with the metal. Once you are certain of it, use your ImpressArt Hammer to hammer the top of the stamp. I find that with stainless steel, 3 heavy hammers are all it takes to make a perfect indentation! Next, all you have to do is repeat the above steps. Keep in mind that is you are using a fork or spoon, you will have to watch and adjust how you have positioned and taped the spoon so that the part you are hammering is in complete alignment with the ImpressArt Stamping Block.

Now, look at these fun ones I stamped! Keep in mind there are about 20 garbage spoons not pictured (haha), but I think I have the hang of it, and I cannot wait to share more fun tutorials using these ImpressArt Tools this summer!