Happy Friday friends! Sometimes, after a LONG week at work, I like to take an evening off of cooking and resort to some easy pick-up or takeout food so that I can have some extra time for relaxing! I mean, who else needs to do this sometimes!? Sometimes it hard to find takeout food that is healthy, so Freshii has always been a constant for me when I am looking for something quick, easy, tasty, and Dietitian-approved (since I am a Dietitian 😉 ).

So naturally, when I found out they had a new bowl coming to their menu (for a limited time!), I was pretty darn pumped, and knew I needed to stop by to try it out!

Enter: The new Biiblos Bowl! Filled to the brim with Chickpeas, Quinoa, Spinach, Feta Cheese, Carrots, Cucumbers, Walnuts, Dried Cranberries and… a delicious Spicy Harissa Tahini dressing! These fresh ingredients literally have me drooling!

And with this ultimate combination of foods, I am literally questioning if I’m in Canada, or if I have somehow been magically transported to Morocco for dinner? It’s incredible how happy food can make you.

What I love about this bowl is that it is jam-packed with protein (from the chickpeas) and it is also filled with vegetables (which are an amazing source of many vitamins and minerals not found in other food groups). As well, this bowl has heaps of fibre in it (from the chickpeas and from the veggies), which help keep you feeling full for longer, and which will have your gut thanking you! Not only that, but you are also having a bright orange and a dark green vegetable in this one meal alone – did you know that Canada’s Food Guide recommends you have at least one serving of each per day?! This bowl is seriously a superstar!

So if you haven’t already got in your car and started to make your way to Freshii, I highly recommend you do so! Because before you know it, this limited edition Biiblos Bowl will be going, going… gone!