Good morning, friends! And Happy Monday! How was your weekend? What did you get up to? I was crazy busy this weekend. On Friday, I hit up a design week party and tour of the locations in Edmonton. This was so cool! More to come. On Saturday, we hit the road bright and early heading out to the mountains to shoot fall looks for the blog! More to come next week 🙂 and on Sunday, we did the final bits of our yardwork (After pulling out 5 huge trees that needed to go on our terms before they came down on their own terms) and I got in a bit of relaxing! Today, I am back at it working away at some Internship projects I’ve got going. But I just had to share with you this pretty little dress from Lilac Clothing that I wore in St. Lucia!

We went Into The Jungle to explore Balenbouche Estate and came across an old sugar mill, which was the perfect spot to take some photos of this gorgeous maxi dress!

Of course, we had our trusty dogs following us and patiently waiting while we took 500 photos, haha!

I can’t deny that I was terribly scared walking on the roots of these trees. I was so worried a tarantula would pop out at any second. That was honestly my biggest fear of this trip, was to see a tarantula. Now of course, if we had seen it in the wild I would have just run away. If we had seen it in our room I probably would have had a mental breakdown and flown home the same day. Thank the lord we did not see any!

This dress is a keeper and one that will be coming with me on many more tropical vacations! Stay tuned for more by Lilac Clothing!