In Love with the Holidays

Happy Holidays, my friends! Oh, and happy Thursday! Yes, it is that time of the week when we start to realize – hey! The weekend is almost here. That means more holiday parties and more holiday fun! I am In Love with the Holidays! I love any excuse to celebrate, but this time of year, you get to give gifts, eat great food, and dress in ’tis the season’ style!




To me, the perfect outfit for the holidays involves some form of a tartan print, and so this Mata Traders dress was the perfect thing for the holiday parties and Christmas Dinners! It is a gorgeous neutral color with touches of red, that speaks to my heart 🙂 The perfect thing to wear if you are hosting family dinner, or attending, of course! And, it isn’t limited to being worn just during the holidays! Wear it all winter long, and I promise you the compliments won’t stop coming in! I love Mata Traders, their company stands for an amazing cause, and if you have a few seconds, I think you would enjoy reading their story on their site 🙂





Now… here comes the cameo! Say hello to my boyfriend who oh, so kindly posed for photos with me (getting him to pose for photos is like pulling teeth!).


We both LOVE wearing watches, and have been on the hunt for the perfect His & Hers pair FOREVER!  We finally decided that rather than getting matching watches, we will get ones with similar colors and tones in them. So when we saw these two beautiful timepieces from Bulova, with gorgeous brown leather bands, and touches of rose gold (for me) and gold (for him) we knew they were the ones!




Watches are the perfect gift to give – to a family member, friend, or to yourself 😉 Not only are they a fun addition to any wardrobe, but they can be deemed as “staples” – something that you may wear every. single. day. No matter what the rest of your outfit looks like.  That is why Bulova Watches make the most wonderful gift! With so many new and beautiful styles, there is always something for everyone! PS. His watch is one of those fancy ones that is an automatic (only ticks due to the movement of your hand) – I didn’t even know that that was a thing! ha ha!

|Watches: c/o Bulova| Dress: c/o Mata Traders | His Glasses: c/o Clearly |


With Love, Meg


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