Shag Sweater

Happy Hump Day, Friends! The work week is almost half-way over! Can you believe it? Sometimes time flies! Last week, I attended the biggest craft fair in Edmonton and I had serious DIY inspo! So feel free to message me any fun DIY craft projects you may have. Now… on to today’s blog. I’ve been dying to share this piece with you! This Shag Sweater is incredible, I’ve been wearing it non-stop and the compliments I have received have confirmed just how incredible it is!
Shag Sweater Shag Sweater Shag Sweater Shag Sweater
I mean okay – first, the neckline! I love the high cut neckline. It makes it look like such a sophisticated, clean-cut look. Then, the shag at the bottom is NEXT LEVEL – no? And of course – the 3/4 length sleeves had me at hello, and the knit material was just too good. So what am I trying to say? This piece is a total and complete GAME CHANGER!
Shag Sweater Shag Sweater Shag Sweater
I paired this Shag Sweater from Orb Clothing with a gorgeous white blouse also from Orb Clothing. I was drawn to this blouse because of the material, but also the tie at the neck! So fun!
Shag Sweater Shag Sweater Shag Sweater Shag Sweater
I brought out the color in this outfit by wearing some maroon pants and suede boots – making this an all-time favorite outfit!
|Sweater: c/o Orb Clothing | Shirt: c/o Orb Clothing |
With Love, Meg

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