Choosing a Prom Dress!

Hi, friends, with Prom/Graduation right around the corner! I had some questions about how to choose the perfect dress for this special event, and I thought I would share some tips and advice!

Many people look forward to their senior prom, seeing it as a rite of passage in this journey we call life. So being turned away from your prom on the door can have a devastating effect on people. There are plenty of stories of people being turned away from their prom such as the one on the website, where a student was refused entry for having a dress deemed as too revealing. If you are looking to attend your prom night, then you will need to ensure that you choose an outfit that is appropriate and meets the dress code requirements of your school.

Finding Out Your School Dress Code

It is important that you find out from your school what is acceptable in regards to the dress code for prom before you start to shop for your outfit. Although many schools will have similar restrictions for their students, not all schools are the same so make sure that you find out what you can and cannot wear to prom beforehand to ensure that you get to attend this significant event in your academic career. Most schools will state their dress code on the school website, and if you have not received any documentation from your school regards this, ask a teacher or a member of staff for clarification. When you know what you can wear and what is unacceptable, you can then start to shop for the perfect outfit.

Choosing Your Length Of Dress

Now that you know the rules you can start looking at the perfect dress for your prom night. Whether you are looking for a flowing ball gown, or something a little bit shorter, you can find short prom dresses at the Prom Dress Shop, and everything in-between. Choose a style and length of dress that is comfortable for you, and helps to make you feel, as well as look, stunning. No matter what your budget or your shape is, with a little hard work and expert shopping, you can find the perfect dress for you. It is even possible to do the shopping from the comfort of home when you find a quality online supplier of prom dresses and other formal wear.

What To Avoid

Although all schools have a different dress code, they are also often very similar to each other. Some of the types of dresses that you should avoid buying are ones that have the following;

 No Exposed Midriffs

 No Transparent Dresses Showing Underwear

 Ones that are not age-appropriate

Ones that would lead to you feeling uncomfortable in them

With the amount of choice that is available, especially when you shop for your prom dress online, although you may think the rules are limiting, you can find a dress which makes you feel like a princess and adheres to the dress code of your school. It is worth your time and effort to ensure that you stick to the rules, otherwise you may experience your prom from outside on the street and unable to enjoy with your friends!


With Love, Meg


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