Hi, Friends! I am SO excited to share with you this #TravelTuesday Post – even though it’s Wednesday! As my last few weeks of undergrad wrap up, things are a bit hectic… so thank you for bearing with me!

When I backpacked Europe (almost 3 years ago – Eek!) we started off in Zurich. We stayed at my travel-partners-family-friends-university-condo (which he shared with like 7 people?!) and we spent about 3 days wandering the streets of Zurich, checking out museums, shops, popping into cafes to grab coffee, stopping at churches and climbing to the steeple, sitting next to Lake Zurich and sipping wine from the bottle, eating cheese and bread while swans tried to steal some! Here is a compilation of my time there, and soon I’ll post a Top 10 things to do in Zurich post! So stay tuned loves!

Strolling the University Grounds where Albert Einstein went to School!

The view from the University (there is a cafe/bar here that serves strong espresso – suitable for students 😉 )

Sitting on a bench by Lake Zurich, sipping Wine and eating cheese and bread.

This random crane is a monument in the city as a reminder of all the work that was done!

The view from Grossmunster!


I think my favorite memory in Zurich was from my first night there… The FIFA cup was on and it was Switzerland vs. Germany – (Zurich is a largely German city) and we went to one of the screens in the middle of a square that was packed with probably over 1000 people, and just the energy was incredible! The cheering, the crying, the drinking, the happy vibe! It was just amazing and something I will remember forever…

To contradict this, another game a few days later where Switzerland lost, we watched while in the train station, and the energy was so low and quiet in the train station is was eerie! Just so incredible to be a part of such a passionate experience!


With Love, Meg


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