Motivation Monday

Today’s Motivation Monday is all about that spring cleaning! Since spring is already here, there is no putting it off any longer! Spring is a time of new beginnings, buds start to form on trees, blossoms arise, flowers grow and it is always a season of getting rid of the old, and bringing in the new (or – just getting rid of the old)! Here are a few tips to help you get motivated to spring clean!

Motivation Monday

One. Clutter in your life whether it is in your mind, school, work, or home causes stress. While you may not have control over all the clutter in your life, you do have control over the clutter in your home. By de-cluttering, you allow yourself to find a place free of stress to help you relax! Yes, please!

Two. Reward yourself for doing some cleaning! This always helps me to get the job done. Allow yourself a treat or to go do something fun after you have tackled certain portions of your cleaning. For instance, after you clean the garage and main floor, you can go see a movie with POPCORN – mmmmm :)! Maybe even go to a yoga class? Whatever way you like to get a little me-time in, schedule that for post-cleaning to get you motivated to get Sh*t done!

Three. Make a to-do list of what your goals are in regards to spring cleaning, and STICK TO IT! Having a list allows you to stay focused which is seriously what needs to be done when it comes to cleaning!

Four.  Make a playlist and put it up on loud!


With Love, Meg


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