Playing catch-up can always be a bit stressful! This week was a huge week for me as I presented my research on malnutrition and ways to offset it within the hospital (AKA snacks)! So, my posts got a little bit behind – but not to worry, because now you’re just getting extra 🙂 And isn’t that something to celebrate? I do think so!


Here is a fun little #SmoothieBowl that I made last week and just had to share with you! I made a mango-banana base and added Just Blends Freeze-Dried Dragon Fruit Powder which is filled to the brim with amazingness! Not only is it jam-packed with antioxidants, but it is pretty dang colorful! So it adds a fun and flavorful touch to your smoothies or smoothie bowls!

I topped this bad boy with banana, strawberries, unsweetened coconut shavings, Manitoba Harvest Hemp Hearts (filled with plant-based protein and omega-3 fats!) and chia seeds!


With Love, Meg


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