Things I Love

Good Morning, Friends! Last week’s “Things I Love” post got bumped to today – but I’m not complaining because it is a great way to start off the week! Today, I am VERY excited to be partnering with CIBC to share a little bit about why I #StandForCanada! Things I Love

I love that Canada is an incredible country filled with a landscape as diverse as it’s people. From mountains to oceans, to prairies and more – every corner of the country holds something new to discover. I stand for multiculturalism and diversity and I am so incredibly proud to be Canadian!

I would love for you to share on social media why you #StandForCanada – what moment have you experienced that has made you feel proud to be Canadian?!  By participating in CIBC’s #StandforCanada campaign your photo will be used to create a mosaic of Canadian’s #StandforCanada moments to celebrate 150 years of CIBC AND Canada! You can even use the meme generator to add a fun touch to your photo ( )! #Partnered


With Love, Meg


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  1. Laura
    March 27, 2017 / 2:08 pm

    I love this! Beautifully written! Canada truly is a diverse country- its people and its landscape. Thank you for sharing.

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