Motivation Monday

Motivation Monday

Good morning friends! And happy Monday! I love when Monday rolls around because it’s another edition of Motivation Monday, and this week I’m talking all about how to make your workspace a better place! One that allows you to focus and drives your energy into the right channels. So read on to find out 5 tips to making your workspace a more productive place!

One. Ensure that your workspace is clean and free of clutter. Only have with you the things you need – your notes, laptop (although I recommend trying to work without a laptop as it opens a whole new world of distractions), water, snacks, and of course colorful pens. Leave everything else behind as it really isn’t needed. Having a clutter-free workspace minimizes distractions allowing you to stay focussed on the task at hand.

Two. Try to situate yourself next to a window. Sometimes I study in the basement of one of my University’s libraries and when I surface it feels like decades have gone by. Sitting next to a window provides some natural light (easier on the eyes) and can promote positive energy! A must, if possible!

Three. This one may be one for only at home, but try having a plant of fresh flowers near you. I swear, when I have some flowers on my desk, I am 10 time more productive! Maybe it is the scent or the extra oxygen, but it keeps me awake and focussed for longer!

Four. Quiet is a MUST. Let’s be honest, you cannot focus when you’re listening to people listen to a movie downstairs or your listening to your fav songs on your phone – you cannot retain info as well as when it is quiet. So try to find yourself a quiet spot to study! Lot’s of libraries have a silent floor… I like quiet floors because there is still a slight amount of noise, but as long as people don’t abuse the rules.

Five. Last, but not least. PUT THAT PHONE AWAY! Turn it off, leave it at home, do what you gotta do but do NOT have it with you when you are trying to focus! That is the number one distraction for me!


With Love, Meg


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