Wanderlust Wednesday

Happy #HumpDay, Friends! Today, I’m sharing my Wanderlust Wednesday pick of the week! This one is a fun one! A few years ago I went to Brazil, and so I spent a ton of time researching what the sights were to see and I came across this place called Iguazu Falls! It turns out that Iguazu Falls is half in Brazil and half in Argentina! And while we didn’t end up going there on our trip, we decided that one day we would be back and would see it for sure! Maybe from Argentina! However, you need a visa to get to the Brazillian side – and let me tell you, getting a visa is a lot of work! ALOT! It was a very stressful process, but totally worth it! I recommend getting a visa at the beginning of your passport because they only last for 5 years or until when your passport expires!

Wanderlust Wednesday



With Love, Meg


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