Reykjavik Part Two

Today is bittersweet you guys because I’m sharing my last Iceland post! It feels like I’m now closing a door on Iceland, but that’s far from the truth, as I am desperately hoping to visit there some day soon!

After we spent time in the Akureyri, we made a speedy drive back to Reykjavik as we wanted to spend some extra time there. However, we made sure to stop a lot along the way. So here are some photos, and some places along the way! Read the captions to find out where these stops are!

An old fortress we happened upon! The road here we could have really used some 4 wheel drive! Thank god the weather was on our side!

View from the fortress! Which a large part of is still standing

Next stop: Volcanic crater hiking!

Iceland is filled with volcanic craters – whether it is from a volcano or from a volcanic rock flying out of an eruption causing the crater formation upon landing – there are tons of these! And lots of them are little hikes! Perfect for stopping and stretching your feet!

Oh, hey!

Some ruins (of what can be assumed to be a village, below)

Inside the Crater


More Craters in the distance (ps. this is right off the highway to Reykjavik!).

Very cool ruins!

A gorgeous waterfall we came across! Not exactly sure what the name is, but it was a beautiful little pit stop!

A underwater tunnel connecting fjords!

Walking the streets of Reykjavik!

This is the hostel we stayed at on our first time in Reykjavik – the downtown Reykjavik Hostel! This time around we stayed at the KEX hostel (not pictured) – which used to be a biscuit factory and is VERY hip and modern!

Last lamb hotdog of the trip 🙁

Views on the way to the airport!

Our car that kept us going the whole trip!

One last geo-cache for my sister haha !


With Love, Meg


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