Motivation Monday

Morning, friends! And happy Monday! After a quick weekend away I am feeling motivated and so refreshed! And I’m wanting to share some tips to staying refreshed and motivated for a new week, even when you don’t have a whole weekend to escape from the busyness of everyday life!

Motivation Monday

First of all, GET OUTSIDE! With Spring finally at our door, there is no better time to get outside, breathe in the fresh air and of course get some Vitamin D from the sun! Vitamin D helps us to stay energized and healthy, and in places where it can be cloudy for most of the year (ALBERTA aka due to snow!), many people are deficient! So getting as much sunlight as you can will do you some good! Maybe getting outside means taking your dog for a walk, or going for a bike ride, or maybe just sitting on your front step drinking coffee – just make sure to get some of that fresh air into your lungs before diving into a new week!

Second of all, GET AT LEAST SEVEN HOURS OF SLEEP. This may seem surprising to people, but getting at least seven hours of sleep every night helps us to function at our very best, and helps to prevent lethargy… it is so incredibly important! But of course, it’s not always possible, so the best thing to do is at least aim to get a good nights sleep for a few nights a week, especially a Sunday night, to start the week off on the right side of the bed!

Next, (this is a tip from my boyfriend) spend some time stretching either in the mornings or before bed. This helps to release tension and calm your mind and body before starting or ending the day!

To continue, let’s talk about less phone time. Being on social media all day is a total stressor! Our subliminal conscious makes us feel stressed when we haven’t posted or kept up with the latest trends, and at least for me… I can loose hours of perfect work time or sleep time stressing over this! SO I am all about putting the phone away during the week!

And finally, make a plan for the week ahead on Sunday so that you don’t have to stress out! Write simple tasks down, and when you would like to accomplish them by to help you stay organized and focussed!


With Love, Meg



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