On My Radar

Hey, friends! Happy Friday! Today’s “On My Radar” post has some super fun things in it, so read on!

Baking with hidden vegetables or lentils! I tried Black Bean Brownies this week and guess what friends! They are on my to-make list! OMG! I also am wanting to try out baking with avocado, zucchini and chickpeas – do you guys have any other recommendations?

Weekend Getaways! SO many people around me have been going on quick weekend or 2-day trips! And so I decided what the hey, let’s do it! So I’m headed to Banff/Calgary this weekend!

Free Park Passes for Parks Canada!  What is better than getting to visiting Parks Canada for free? Uh, Nothing! Make sure to get your free pass, you guys! It’s only free for one year and can be quite pricey with regular prices!

Fun National Holidays! OMG I feel like there are so many fun holidays to celebrate – National Girl Gang Day, National Artichoke Hearts Day! I love it!


With Love, Meg


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