Akureyri & Lake Myvatn

Good morning my lovely friends! Oh my goodness! Today I am filled with nostalgia – in a good way! Last night I wrote my last midterm EVER! It’s crazy to think about how quickly time flies by when you’re enjoying what you do. And for me that is not just school, but also travel! And so I am excited to share with you, my photos from an old trip to Akureyri & Lake Myvatn in ICELAND! Please forgive the point & shoot photos; however, you can still tell how incredible Iceland is! Iceland has definitely been my all-time favorite travel destination, and I am itching to get back! Look at the captions of the photos to see what everything is! Love you guys!

Akureyri & Lake Myvatn

Boiling Mud Pots! – You know as SOON as you are arriving at Lake Myvatn due to the smell! And this is a place you definitely have to stop because it is OUT OF THIS WORLD!

Akureyri & Lake Myvatn

Can’t touch the water because it is HOT!

Akureyri & Lake Myvatn

There are certain areas that you can’t step on – so stick to the path!

A natural blue lagoon in the distance!

Akureyri & Lake Myvatn

Godafoss waterfall – the waterfall of the Gods. There is a legend here that when Christianity was put in place, the leader of the time came and threw all his Norse figurines into this waterfall!

We saw all types of weather in Iceland! Snow, Rain, Wind, Sun!

Oh hey! Heres a pic of me after driving that stressful road (see my last post) – but happy to be out and about exploring!

The mountains lining the fjord on the way to Akureyri! AMAZING!

Akureyri in the distance!

Back in the Lake Myvatn area exploring (only about 45min from Akureyri!)

Just a cave off the side of the road – nbd. Go ahead, jump on in!

We drove up to see if the most active volcano in Iceland was open! Apparently not! Ha! Had to do quite a tight three-way turn!

Of course, a photo op is important 😉

Sister & I right before hiking a very Lord-of-the-ring-ish volcano!

There she is!

This is the name of the volcano we hiked, goodluck pronouncing it!

Halfway there! Hey sister!

Where is gollum ?!

Looking over into the center! No bubbling lava- thank goodness!

Now were hiking in an area where Trolls are commonly spotted – have I mentioned how much I love Iceland? In fact, around Christmas time, there are Trolls that actually hike around here … for the kids 😉 (and adults?! I would love that!)

Beautiful scenery around Lake Myvatn – my sister wanted to do a geocache, and so I had to watch the car… alone on the highway… for 40 minutes…ha!

Now time for a volcanic crater hike!

The landscape is incredible!

In the Lake Myvatn area there is a COW CAFE – yes, this is a thing! You get to drink a latte (presumably made with the cows milk?!) and eat some cake, while WATCHING the cows… I was pretty excited about it!

A blue lagoon of the north! This one was VERY STINKY and my sister had to bribe me to stay in for 30 minutes as to not waste our money (which we had just spent on the tickets)… I literally counted down the 30 minutes! so be prepared! Still a nice way to warm up and get some healing powers for your skin ailments after hiking all day!

Driving back to Akureyri! AMAZING LANDSCAPE!

The famous church in Akureyri!

Akureyri is a city filled with hearts – all their traffic lights have hearts and everything! They suffered a financial crisis in 2008 and put up hearts of everything so as to instill positivity! WHY CAN’T WE BE MORE LIKE THIS!?!?!?!?


My Sister and I were very lucky… When we were staying in Akureyri there was the popular European singing contest EUROVISION happening. So one day, whilst eating in the bar of our hostel, it started getting very busy. It was because ICELAND was doing incredible, and everyone in the town was gathering to watch – literally the age range was 5-80! IT was INCREDIBLE!!! AN AMAZING EXPERIENCE!

I still have one more post lined up for Iceland! So stay tuned my loves.


With Love, Meg




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