On My Radar

Hi, my lovely friends! I’m excited to share what’s on my radar this week.

On My Radar

Superfood Blends– I find myself literally OBSESSING over superfoods this week – or maybe I obsess all the time and this week it is just heightened! I am loving the look of MoonJuice Blends, Their powders look like the perfect thing to add to your coffee for an extra little kick! Have you guys tried?! Do tell!

WHAT SHE KNEW by Gilly Macmillan is my current read of the week – the first time I picked it up I got a little lost and realized I had read too much and done not quite enough homework! Uh, Oh! I highly recommend this read, and will update you on how it’s going!

TULIPS– tulip season is here, and here to stay, and I love these simple, fragrant and beautiful flowers! I CANNOT wait to go visit the tulip festival this year! Check out my Wanderlust Wednesday post from this week to read on about that!

Curry Spice Mixes – I am OBSESSED! I have been adding these into everything. Yesterday I made a veggie scramble AKA I grabbed all the veggies I had, roasted them with curry spices, cracked an egg over top and then wrapped the mix up in some naan bread and it was SO YUMMY! What are your fav spice blends? Do tell!

Hope you enjoyed this week’s “On My Radar” Post! Much love and a happy weekend to you all!


With Love, Meg




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