Hofn & Area

I know I went to Iceland AGES ago, but I thought – It is better late than never! So I’m happy to share some must-see places to stop on the way to Hofn in Iceland!


Seals in the Glacier Lagoon! There were so many!

Lava sand beach & Glaciers!

Sister Love!

Fishing Boast in a Fjord past Hofn!

Horses on the loose! We got to watch as their owners tried to get them back!

This was just after we descended the most terrifying mountain pass I HAVE EVER been on! Panic attacks ensued, there were tears. Note to self: DO NOT go on the main highway from Hofn to Akyueriki – take the long way through the fjords!

Recognize this from a certain j-beibs music video?



Natural Rock formations

Waterfalls in peoples backyards!

I love Iceland because all of their rest stops have mystical stories behind them. This place had the story that a girl from the village was walking hoome when she heard beautiful voices from this area, she came down to see what it was and discovered elves singing and dancing!

A lovely little church!

Gorgeous Icelandic Horse!

You Must do the hike to Svartifoss!


And make sure to walk to the glaciers 🙂

I hope you enjoyed looking at the photos and seeing where these are!

Stay tuned for more Iceland next week!


With Love, Meg


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