PB Cookies

Hi, Friends! And happy National Peanut Butter Lovers Day! As a PB lover at heart, I had to get in on this and share a fun PB recipe for these delish PB Cookies I found on Fraiche Nutrition!

PB Cookies

A great way to make a Peanut butter recipe slightly healthier is by using a Natural PB! These peanut butters usually have no added sugar or fats – the important thing to do is make sure to read the label and look for Natural PB that only contains roasted peanuts! It can be a bit of an adjustment switching from sugar-filled PB to natural, but once you have done it for a while, you definitely will not be able to go back!

I whipped up these cookies after reading about the recipe on Fraiche Nutrition! While I decided to skip on dipping them in dark chocolate (drool!) they were still so incredibly easy to make and ever so tasty!


With Love, Meg


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