Fall Essentials

Every fall I feel the need to add some essentials to my closet. Maybe it is because fall is kind of like a new year (aka the start of a long academic year) or a fresh start. I need to make sure I have my basics – classic white tee, fall coat, shoes, but especially jeans. Jeans are my number one Fall Essential, and every year at the same time, I find myself hunting down the perfect pair.


This year, I turned to Boom Boom Jeans to find my dream pair – and the pair I am wearing in this blog post is exactly that.



 Fall Essentials

When it comes to jeans, I like a pair that hits my ankles… Anything longer, I end up having to tuck or roll which is something I try to avoid! This pair hits me just where I like, and the zipper detail?! I die! They actually undo which is kinda cool – it isn’t just for show!



I love the sleek take on “cargo” pants that this pair of denim incorporates in with the side pockets… Once again, not just for show! They are the perfect size for a credit card or phone if you don’t want to lug your purse around to run errands or hit up a coffee shop!



Boom Boom Jeans are my fav because they always form to your body; I never feel uncomfortable wearing their denim, even if it is a skinny style like this pair. I feel like I can breathe normally and be comfortable doing anything… even a cartwheel!

Fall Essentials

Fall Essentials


I paired this denim with a black boho tee from Gentle Fawn – another Fall Essential! Gentle Fawn is a year-long fav for me when it comes to delicate boho style. This billowing tee had me at hello. And the black makes it an essential for almost every season  especially fall and winter! I especially love the tie up front and the pleated back!

 Fall Essentials


What is an outfit without its accessories?! I paired this look with my fav sunnies from Polette eyewear. I love polette for their incredibly affordable, yet insanely stylish frames!

 Fall Essentials


|Denim: c/o BBJ | Blouse: c/o Gentle Fawn | Sunnies: c/o Polette | Trench: c/o Sugarhill Boutique | Shoes: c/o Maumero |


With Love, Meg


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