High on Leather

It is sad to say, but it is that time of year again! Yes, you know what I mean… that time of the year when things for summer start to wrap up. There aren’t as many festivals going on, BBQs become more spread out, the sun starts to go down just a little earlier than we like. The worst thing? Stores stocked full with school supplies and fall clothing! I just don’t feel ready!


High on Leather

High on Leather

This year marks that last year of my University degree! It will have taken me five long years to graduate (still will have one year of internship, though!) to finally get my degree – but I wouldn’t trade anything for those years and the memories they hold!

High on Leather


One thing on my mind this year was to enter the new semester with a new, fun bag – like this gorgeous, jaw-dropping one from High on Leather. I die – seriously!

High on Leather


I wanted something a bit more stylish this year – sorry to my old lulu backpack – it wasn’t you, it was me, I just needed something more mature in my life! This leather bag is the epitome of style – classic and chic; perfect for my laptop and notebooks! It even has a cell phone holder – how modern!

High on Leather


The distressed leather is my absolute favourite! I am a lover of leather bags and this backpack tops the list of my favourites! The buckle detail is so fun, too!

High on Leather

The basic difference between High On Leather goat leather bags and normal leather bags, are of smell. Usual goat leather bags have a very bad smell and High On Leather products are tanned in a way that they neither have smell and the stitching of the bags are so strong that they are going to last for years.


I am looking forward to entering my final year of university looking as stylish as ever – all thanks to high on leather! Luckily, they have the perfect leather bags for all occasions. Check out what I’m talking about at High On Leather.

| Dress: c/o Sugarhill Boutique | Backpack: C/o High on Leather |


With Love, Meg


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