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A very important thing to me is living and leading a healthy life. That includes (trying to) eating healthy food, being stress-free and physically active. Sometimes, though, things get in the way. You have a long commute and by the time your home, you are drained of energy, or maybe your work involves a lot of physical labor and you don’t want to go work out; the list of reasons why we put or healthy lifestyle on the back burner is never-ending. I know I have succumbed to the long work days and finding it hard to have the energy to make a healthy meal or go be physically active.

A Ruby



A Ruby

The best way that I stay motivated (especially to hit up the gym) is to add some new workout pieces into my wardrobe. When I feel myself losing interest in being physically active, I love to go purchase a new pair of leggings, maybe a fun tank top, some shoes, or all of the above. When I do this, it ends up revitalizing me and keeping me going for the next few months! Silly, it may seem, but it really works for me! A fresh new outfit always keeps me motivated 🙂

A Ruby




So when I found A Ruby and saw some of their stunning workout pieces, I was instantly motivated! I wanted to get to the gym, do those stairs, lift those weights and sweat it out! And you know what? That is exactly what I did!



A Ruby


I love A Ruby workout pieces for a few reasons; one of them being how incredibly soft the fabric is! Wearing these leggings and this tank top is practically like wearing butter on your skin! So smooth and comfortable. I don’t find myself having to awkwardly adjust anything or pull on any of the fabric to readjust – it fits perfectly the first time.


A Ruby



I love wearing neutral colors to the gym, so this heathered gray tank is literally perfection! And these leggings are so lovely with their detailing at the knee! Obsessed!



A Ruby


Not only does A Ruby have unreal workout clothes, but they also have a wide variety of other pieces you might also fall head over heels for! Make sure to head on over there to see all of them!





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