Yoga Jeans

Raise your hand if your favorite thing to throw on is a pair of leggings! Yup, I think we are all in agreement that the comfier the pants, the more likely you will be to find me wearing them. Unfortunately, yoga pants and leggings are not appropriate for all situations. In fact, they should mostly be worn at the gym or at home, maybe school. So… what do you do when you want the same comfort as leggings but in something more appropriate? You get Yoga Jeans… that is what!

Yoga Jeans



Yoga Jeans are amazing/unreal/innovative/my favorite/ my obsession right now. I mean, how can I complain? A fantastic dark wash jean that is from fitting and perfect with sandals, boots, rainboots, and heels that are as comfortable as wearing a pair of yoga pants. So… you see, the name for their brand is quite fitting!

Yoga Jeans



One thing I love about Yoga Jeans is the wide variety of styles they have available… light wash, dark wash, capris, even denim skirts! All brought to you with 2 thoughts in mind – style & comfort! The perfect combination.

Yoga Jeans



I styled my yoga jeans casually with a pair of Zee Alexis espadrilles that are so comfortable (hence why I had to pair them with the jeans!) Now I am walking on clouds! 🙂 I love the neutral khaki color and how there is a bit of sparkle to them! In love!

Yoga Jeans



As well, I am wearing this gorg tunic from Gray Monroe – I am a lover of gray, so this piece is definitely on repeat all the time!

Yoga Jeans




Have you ever tried Yoga Jeans before?!

|Jeans: c/o Yoga Jeans| Shoes: c/o Zee Alexis | Top: c/o Gray Monroe | Necklace: c/o CB Designs Shop |


With Love, Meg


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