Cougar Boots

This past week it has rained almost every night! The days have been HOT and sunny, but as the sun starts to head down, the clouds build up and come rolling in, carrying with them thunder, lightening and lots of rain!


Cougar Boots


Because of these nighttime showers, every morning I wake up to puddles, wet and dewy grass and some mosquitos (ugh)! So, when I head out in the morning to spend some time in the yard and garden or to go on a walk, I like wearing some wellies… In particular, these Ankle Rain Shoes by Cougar Boots.

Cougar Boots




I am a lover of all things floral, so when these pretty little things came up online, I was like “YES PLEASE!” Not to mention the pop of hot pink!!



Cougar Boots

I have tons of raincoats that are mostly navy, so I love throwing one on with these boots to put together a nice little outfit that is perfect for both in the yard and out n’ about!



Cougar Boots


I love how versatile these puppies are. I pair them with jeans most of the time, but they work well with shorts, and skirts for a more funky look.


Cougar Boots

Rain boots are really starting to step more towards a fashionable item rather than just work-wear, and Cougar Boots have such a wide variety of fashion-forward pairs that they really are the place to go!



Cougar Boots

Does anyone else enjoy wearing rainboots because they are fashionable?! Comment Below!

| Boots: c/o Cougar Boots | Jeans: c/o Yoga Jeans | Jacket: here |


With Love, Meg


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