Smoothie Bowls

I am the kinda girl who loves getting some of her fruit in smoothie form. I love any type of smoothie- green, pink, orange, yellow, you name it! Everyone seems to be hopping on this smoothie bowl trend – starting with acai bowls and spreading! At first I was skeptical… why would you want to eat your smoothie like its soup? But then I tried it and bam! I am hooked. The key is to use frozen fruit (instead of ice) – this makes it have a thicker consistency, almost like ice cream.

These are the perfect way to start your day off right getting a wide variety of nutrients to power you through the day!

The smoothie bowls pictured are Mango Banana with goji berries, raspberries, ground organic flax seeds, ground organic chia seeds, matcha powder, and cacao powder. DIVINE!



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Have you tried making a smoothie bowl? what type?


From Meg, With Love


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